About Us

We are a small independent company who employ only the best people with the same values as our founder Emma Noble – old fashioned values and a passion to provide the best care and attention that our clients deserve.

Hi, I’m Emma

I’m a mother of 3, two Daughters 20 and 18 and son 16.

I came into the care industry by chance about 6 years ago as I needed to earn extra money to provide for my young children.

I love going for walks, cooking, gardening, spending time with my family who are my world , and my lovely friends.

As soon as I started in the care industry I knew I had found my vocation. I absolutely loved caring for our senior citizens . It didn’t feel like a job to me. I was making so many new interesting friends that I visit every day.

Unfortunately, I soon realised that the care and kindness had been taken out of the care industry. I found this very upsetting and concerning, that our loved ones were not getting the care that they are entitled to and deserve.

So, I decided, now that my children are older to start up my own caring business and try and make a little difference and most of all putting kindness and proper care back into the industry.

I want to make a difference to the clients that I look after with friendship, companionship, looking after their well-being, making sure they are eating and drinking properly and doing little jobs for them. I get great pleasure seeing there smiling faces, every one is so happy to see me. Also having a giggle together.

My aim, depending on the amount of care the client needs, is to provide a consistent service where our clients have the same few ‘Robins’ visiting them so that they can build up trusted friendships and companionship. This is very important to me as I feel this really helps with the wellbeing and enjoyment for our elderly loved ones during each visit.

I’m not going to be able to change the whole elderly care industry, but I am confident I change the lives of the seniors that are looked after by Red Robins Companion’s, and provide the family and friends the peace of mind that they deserve too.